SEPTA Announces Regional Rail Service Adjustments for Upcoming Work

SEPTA will further efforts to rebuild a critical portion of Regional Rail infrastructure in the University City area as part of the Southwest Connection Improvement Program. The work is scheduled to take place on weekends in August (August 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, and 28-29) and will require major service adjustments that will impact customers who use the Airport, Media/Elwyn and Wilmington/Newark Lines.

The Southwest Connection Improvement Program will rebuild the mainline infrastructure on the Media/Elwyn Line between 30th Street Station and the Arsenal Interlocking, just below Penn Medicine Station, portions of which date more than 80 years. This track area also supports Wilmington/Newark and Airport Line services, making it a critical rail connection for Southwest Philadelphia, Center City, Delaware County, and the economic vitality of the region

Upcoming work highlights include:

    • Complete Walnut Tunnel structural repairs under JFK Blvd
    • Continue Airport signal system cut over and testing
    • Renew Airport Line Overhead Catenary System (OCS) wire and cables
    • Complete major Snooper/Bridge Inspections along West Chester Branch viaducts and Airport Line/I-95 viaduct
    • Complete Arsenal Interlocking home board signal head rebuild
    • Continue Arsenal and Civic Interlockings signal wire installation
    • Complete Civic Interlocking turnback track
    • Complete West Chester Branch structural repairs to catenary portal frames
    • Continue West Chester Branch tie renewal work
    • Complete tree trimming and hot spot clearing at Walnut Interlocking and along West Chester Branch
    • Complete third-party construction work at Penn Medicine Station, including a new elevator

Service changes in effect on Saturdays and Sundays in August:

    • No train service to or from Penn Medicine Station for the Airport, Media/Elwyn, or Wilmington/Newark Lines
      • Airport Line shuttle buses will not stop at Penn Medicine Station
      • To access the Penn Medicine Station area, customers can take:
        • All Stop Shuttle: Service to/from 49th St., Penn Medicine area, 30th St.
        • Penn Medicine Area Circulator Bus: Service to/from 33rd & Spruce St./30th St. & JFK at Lucy Stop
        • Media/Elwyn Shuttle & Circulator Bus Stop for Penn Medicine Station at 33rd & Spruce St.
    • Media/Elwyn Line
      • Train service will operate between Elwyn and 49th Street Stations following a special construction timetable
      • Train service will operate every two to three hours
      • Shuttle buses will substitute for train service between 49th and 30th Street Stations
    • Wilmington/Newark Line
      • Train service will operate between Newark and 30th Street Stations following a special construction timetable
      • Train service will operate every two hours
      • No direct service to or from Suburban, Jefferson, or Temple University Station
    • Airport Line
      • Shuttle buses will substitute for train service between Eastwick, Airport Terminals, and 30th Street Station
      • Shuttle bus service will operate hourly

The Southwest Connection Improvement Program helps with SEPTA’s overall efforts to improve Regional Rail service for customers and preserve it for future generations. Since 2018, the project has been broken up into phases during the summer months in an effort to minimize the disruption to passengers.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: July 30, 2021