JUNE 2021: Located just 45 miles north of Pittsburgh, the town of Butler, Pa., hosts busy railroad action from Buffalo & Pittsburgh and Canadian National’s Bessemer & Lake Erie operation. Brian Yates updates us on a new rail marine port being developed in southern New Jersey, while Andrew Grahl takes us on a tour of Winchester & Western’s operations originating out of Millville, N.J.  All this and more in the June issue of Railpace Newsmagazine!

This Month

June 2021
Vol. 40, No. 6


Return to Origin – D&H 5015

by Ryan Trombly

South Jersey Port Development

by Brian D. Yates Sr.

Four Hours in Butler, PA

by David E. Baer

WC Tower Model Board Restoration

by Marc Glucksman/River Rail Photo

Winchester & Western – South Jersey Division Update

by Andrew Grahl

Maybrook Trailway History Signage

by Matthew A. Kierstead


Seashore Lines by Dale W. Woodland

Amtrak News by Andy Kirk

The Keystoner by Dale Woodland

Allegheny Observer by Lee Gregory

Lake Shore News by Craig Ziobert

New England Dispatch by Jack Armstrong

News From Canada by Jason Noe

Empire State Limited by Stephan M. Koenig

Railpace Newsmagazine

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