CSX Unveils Locomotive 1973 Honoring Chessie System Heritage

CSX Waycross locomotive shop employees are paying tribute to the iconic Chessie System by unveiling a locomotive with a new paint design. Renumbered CSX 1973, the locomotive features the classic colors of the Chessie System, which have not been used by the company since it merged with Seaboard Coast Line Industries in 1980.

According to Bill Matlock, the locomotive plant manager, “The team did extensive research and worked with heritage societies to ensure colors were accurate and aligned with modern color codes.” This attention to detail demonstrates the respect and admiration that CSX employees have for the beloved railroad and its role in the company’s heritage.

The significance of the Chessie System to CSX’s heritage cannot be overstated. Chessie was created in 1973 as a result of the merger between Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and the Western Maryland Railway. The distinctive and beloved logo of the Chessie cat quickly became a symbol of the railroad’s exceptional customer service, innovation, and reliability.

The creation of the CSX 1973 paint design is a fitting tribute to the Chessie System’s enduring legacy and its importance to the history of CSX. Even as CSX continues to modernize and innovate, it remains committed to honoring its past and preserving its rich heritage.


-via Press Release

This article was posted on: June 19, 2023