2: Sunshine Provides the Best Photos

CameraThere is the temptation to lower your quality standards after weeks of unrelenting overcast, but that doesn’t make the photo any better. Wait for that good day and then get out there early! We realize that news events happen in all types of weather conditions, but since photo space in the magazine is limited, we generally pick photos taken on bright, sunny days, with good sun angle, for best quality photo reproduction.

This is especially true when the subject is a “static” shot, or one that can reasonably be taken again in better weather conditions. When it’s a relatively easy-to-obtain “roster” or structure shot that isn’t going anywhere, we want to get it “right.” Occasionally, dramatic shots in heavy snowfall, and “once in a lifetime” catches in poor weather may be published. You are welcome to resubmit these views if you can get them in good light.

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This article was posted on: February 27, 2020