Texas Central Signs Contract with Webuild to Serve as Design-build Lead for Historic Project

Texas Central, developers of the high-speed train between Dallas and Houston, has signed a $16 billion contract with Webuild, operating in the U.S. market with The Lane Construction Corporation, a global leader in engineering and construction to lead the civil construction team that will build the Texas passenger line. Webuild is one of the largest civil engineering contractors in the world. This selection by Texas Central reflects the participation of industry leading organizations that are designing and building the high-speed train.

The announcement is the latest milestone for the investor-led project – a 200 mph train connecting the state’s largest population and economic regions in 90 minutes, with a midway stop in the Brazos Valley. The project will create a super-economy, connecting people in the 4th and 5th largest U.S. markets looking for safe, reliable, green and productive travel options.

The system Texas Central Railroad proposes to build in Texas will replicate the proven Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail system, as operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JRC). Texas Central chose this system because it is one of the safest and most punctual train systems in the world. In its 55+ year history, it has transported over 10 billion passengers with an impeccable safety record of zero operational passenger fatalities and zero accidents since first deployed. This technology reliably moves more than 400,000 passengers every day.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: June 16, 2021