Railroads Prepare to Secure HAZMAT, Security-Sensitive Shipments Due to Labor Uncertainty

In light of the possibility of a rail labor strike, the six Class I freight railroads participating in national bargaining will begin to take steps to manage and secure the shipments of hazardous and security-sensitive materials, such as chlorine used to purify drinking water and chemicals used in fertilizer, starting as early as Monday, September 12. Railroads are taking all measures necessary to handle sensitive cargo in accordance with federal regulations to ensure that no such cargo is left on an unattended or unsecured train in the event of a work stoppage due to an impasse in labor negotiations. Additionally, other freight customers may also start to experience delayed or suspended service over the course of next week, as the railroads prepare for the possibility that current labor negotiations do not result in a resolution and are required to safely and securely reduce operations.

While these preparatory actions are necessary, they do not mean a work stoppage is certain. Railroads will continue meeting throughout the weekend with the remaining unions to work toward tentative agreements. The railroads want, and continue to advocate for, a prompt resolution that would provide historic wage increases to rail employees – and allow the railroads to continue servicing customers and prevent further disruption to the struggling supply chain.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: September 12, 2022