North Shore Railroad Embarks on New Endeavor in Snyder County

The North Shore Railroad Company (NSHR) made history on May 4 when they ran their first train in beautiful Snyder County – to Kreamer, PA. NSHR is the only railroad to make this journey, other than Norfolk Southern (NS), in the past 23 years.

This past April, the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority (JRA) purchased the rail lines that serve Kreamer, Selinsgrove, and Shamokin Dam, PA, from NS, who has been operating the lines since 1999 after taking over the line from Conrail.

NSHR is the private rail operator for the JRA. The Selinsgrove Branch is now an extension of the original NSHR line, which also serves customers from Northumberland, PA – through Danville, Bloomsburg, and Berwick – to Beach Haven, PA.

The JRA adding the Selinsgrove Branch to their existing rail lines brings the JRA’s total track miles to approximately 215 miles.

-via Press Release, courtesy Alex Mayes

This article was posted on: May 5, 2022