North Carolina Shortline Railroad, ACWR, Gives Life Back To Six 40-Year-Old Locomotives

Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway (ACWR) is always committed to taking on new projects in our shops and some just happen to be global.  Recently Savage Services partnered with Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway to rebuild four SD-40-2 and two MP-15 EMD locomotives for a large industrial facility in Houston, TX. These particular engines were desired for their horsepower and also their maneuverability in rail-yard switching operations.

Savage Vice President of Motive Power, Gerry Ferrell, says “Savage Services and Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway have teamed up on multiple locomotive projects. As the VP of Motive Power with Savage, I can safely state that I can rely upon ACWR to be timely, responsive, available and produce a quality product every time. We are proud of our partnership with ACWR and look forward to working together on additional projects in the future.”

Steven Weathers, ACWR’s Assistant Chief Mechanical Officer, was the head of this project. As a veteran himself, along with his mechanical team, our shop performed an outstanding quality of work on each locomotive. It was especially inspiring to see the pride that our mechanical team took in the veteran’s locomotive.

“It was a great honor to be involved with this project . The added bonus was the ‘Tribute to the Veterans’ locomotive paint scheme . It is nice to see new life given to some of the greatest work horses on the rails,” says Dale Parks, ACWR Vice President of Mechanical.

The ACWR Team appreciates the longstanding relationship with Savage Services and looks forward to many projects in the future.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: March 18, 2021