Norfolk Southern and the Ludlow Heritage Museum to preserve historic Ludlow Yard Store House

Norfolk Southern, and the Ludlow Heritage Museum have signed a property lease agreement to preserve the Norfolk Southern-owned Ludlow Yard Store House building. The agreement allows museum officials to renovate the building and repurpose it into its new headquarters. The building is historically significant, as the last remaining original structure in Ludlow, Kentucky used by, The Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway, which became part of Southern Railway and later Norfolk Southern.

Located at the intersection of Oak and Carneal Streets, the store house was built in the late 1880’s. The 3,600-square-foot round-arched brick and stone building originally served as the Ludlow Offices and Stores building and then was used as a supply shop to store rail parts.

The Ludlow Heritage Museum will manage this project. It has created a committee comprised of industry professionals to help develop a comprehensive renovation plan that will include a renovation timeline and fundraising goals. Additionally, museum officials plan to nominate the building to the National Register of Historic Places.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: January 6, 2022