NJ Transit is 2023 Winner of Outstanding Transportation System Award

NJ TRANSIT has been awarded the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) highest honor by being named the 2023 winner of the Outstanding Transportation System award.  This achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of NJ TRANSIT’s employees that has transformed the agency, delivering significant improvements across every area in the organization, including service, customer experience, technology & innovation, and advancing major capital projects.

​The 2023 APTA Awards recognize organizations and transit leaders throughout the public transportation industry in North America that have demonstrated both qualitative and quantitative achievements in leadership, innovation, improving the customer experience, and more. APTA Award winners are outstanding role models of excellence, leadership, and innovation whose accomplishments have greatly advanced public transportation. The association comprises more than 1,500 public and private member organizations across the industry.

Nominees must show specific improvements and achievements in the last three calendar years in the following 12 areas: Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Access, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, Customer Service, Financial Management, Sustainability, Workforce Development, Attendance and Employee Costs, Marketing, and Community Relations.

In the past three years, NJ TRANSIT has also been nationally recognized for its advancements in safety and security with three other APTA awards. NJ TRANSIT was presented APTA’s Bus Safety and Security Excellence Gold Award in 2023 for its De-Escalation/Operator Assault training program, developed by NJ TRANSIT Bus Operations that now includes an additional module introduced by the New Jersey Transit Police Department and presented to front-line employees to help manage difficult situations and minimize the potential for employee assaults.

In 2021, NJ TRANSIT was honored with the APTA Bus Safety Gold Award for its implementation of the Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder, a system of onboard cameras, data collection, and assessments designed to address safety hazards proactively, to prevent unsafe operator behaviors before they lead to accidents.

Also in 2021, NJ TRANSIT was named the winner of APTA’s Rail Safety Certificate of Merit award for Commuter/Intercity Rail Systems for its work on Positive Train Control (PTC).

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: August 15, 2023