MTA Releases Assessment Outlining Needs to Continue Investing in $1.5 Trillion Regional Public Transportation System Over Next 20 Years

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) outlined the Authority’s long-term vision to rebuild, improve, and expand the region’s $1.5 trillion transit system over the next 20 years. “The Future Rides With Us,” the MTA’s 20-Year Needs Assessment, which takes an exhaustive look into the system’s infrastructure needs. It reveals both challenges and opportunities for the future of the transportation in the region and lays out an approach to rebuilding the MTA system for another century of service.

The document differs from previous assessments by providing a comprehensive, unconstrained view of the system’s needs, rather than constraining it to meet an arbitrary budget target. As a result, it will serve as a strong foundation in determining how to prioritize capital spending in developing the 2025-2029 Capital Plan. The assessment also debuts a comparative evaluation of potential expansion projects that could be pursued if the system’s rebuilding and improvement needs are met, for the first time analyzing potential projects objectively along a host of criteria to compare their respective benefits and costs.

The future of the system is contingent on three main factors that drive the need for investment: aging infrastructure, climate change, and evolving rider needs. Prolonging the life of existing assets will not only improve reliability and allow for increased service systemwide but enable the opportunity to expand and modernize the transit network.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: October 5, 2023