MBTA Commuter Rail to Begin Operating Fare Gates at North Station on October 1

As part of the MBTA’s fare transformation programnew electronic fare gates will begin operation on North Station’s concourse on Saturday, October 1, 2022. At that point passengers will need a ticket to enter and exit the gated area at North Station. The Commuter Rail Fare gates program is launching at North Station, and ultimately fare gates will also be installed at South, and Back Bay stations.

The new gate system will:

  • Improve fare collection
  • Replace platform-door ticket checks
  • Create a more consistent fare-paying experience across transit modes

Passengers should hold on to their tickets for the duration of their trip. The Commuter Rail has a zone-based fare system, with each zone requiring a different fare, therefore passengers will be expected to verify their tickets at the fare gates upon entry and exit. Conductors will also confirm on board that passengers have purchased fares for the correct zone.

Fare Gates accept all existing fare media for the Commuter Rail, they do not deduct stored value from a CharlieCard. For Commuter Rail monthly pass holders who receive a CharlieCard the gates will accept their pass if the printed zone is displayed. For more information about how the fare gates work, what fare media they accept, and a “how to” videos for passengers visit: MBTA.com/CRfaregates

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: September 26, 2022