MBTA Board of Directors Approves $2.7 Billion FY24 Budget

The MBTA Board of Directors voted to approve a $2.7 billion operating budget for fiscal year 2024 that will sustain levels of service while making strategic investments in safety, staffing, and hiring, key capital investments including station and accessibility needs, and design work required for a future connection of the Red and Blue lines.

The budget allocates funding to increase the MBTA’s overall workforce to 7,643, which is 964 positions above what was budgeted for FY23. The additional positions will support expanded capacity in several areas with a focus on the MBTA’s Safety Department and Operations. Specifically, more than half of all new spending for FY24 is directly related to safety-related positions and represents an increase of more than four times over prior years’ average.

The T’s FY24 budget also includes $68 million to support the T’s response to the Federal Transit Administration’s Safety and Management Inspection report, with $44 million of that total devoted to 455 new operating budget positions, including key areas such as rail yard and maintenance facility safety (153 positions), track maintenance (97 positions), and enhanced staffing at the Operations Control Center (49 positions), among others.

The budget is also aligned with goals set forth by the Healey-Driscoll Administration, including:

  • The allocation of $181 million in new, one-time funding for investments in bridge rehabilitation, station and accessibility improvements, and advancing design of a the Red-Blue Connector project.
  • $5 million in new, one-time funding to study the feasibility of implementing a means-tested fare program to expand affordability.
  • Support for the new Chief Safety Officer for MassDOT and the MBTA, with responsibility for overall safety across all modes of transportation.

This article was posted on: June 9, 2023