MBTA Announces Green Line Extension Opening Schedule Revisions

The MBTA announced revisions to the opening of the Union Square Branch of the Green Line Extension (GLX).  Due to challenges reaching productivity targets for the completion of the project’s first traction power substation as well as other key construction and testing activities, the Union Square Branch will open in March 2022. The MBTA continues to work with GLX Constructors (GLXC) leadership to review the Medford Branch schedule to address these productivity challenges and any associated timeline changes.

Traction power substations provide electric power to operate Green Line trains along GLX. While work has been proceeding, the project encountered productivity challenges in completing the electrical work for GLX’s first traction power substation. As the project finishes some remaining work within the substation, functional testing of the electrical and communication components of the system is well underway.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: November 1, 2021