Four Transit Veterans Appointed as New MBTA Leadership

Today the MBTA announced the appointment of four transit industry veterans into new leadership positions at the T responsible for stations, infrastructure, engineering, capital program enhancement, operations, and safety. Starting within their positions later this summer, Dennis Varley is the new Chief of Stations, Sam Zhou is the new Assistant General Manager of Engineering and Capital, Doug Connett is the new Chief of Infrastructure, and Rod Brooks is the new Senior Advisor for Capital, Operations, and Safety.

Through the appointment of these new roles, the MBTA aims to close management gaps and improve the quality, reliability, and safety of T services. Varley, Zhou, Connett, and Brooks are seasoned, proven transit leaders with dozens of decades of experience making productive, long-lasting impacts during their transit tenures.

In addition to these four new leaders, the MBTA also announced several new, internal role changes that represent a significant investment in the General Manager’s commitment to improving service quality for riders:

  • Katie Choe, Acting Chief of Staff,
  • Meredith Sandberg, Acting Chief of the Quality, Compliance, and Oversight Office,
  • Angel Donahue-Rodriguez, Assistant General Manager of External Affairs,
  • Frenia Hunter, Division Chief of Training,
  • Sean Mills, Assistant General Manager, Bus Operations,
  • Patrick Richmond, Assistant General Manager, Rail.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: July 27, 2023