Design Firm Selected for Penn Station Access Project

Jacobs was selected by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) as the Prime Designer for Penn Station Access, the largest expansion of Metro-North’s regional railroad system in its history. Jacobs will design the expansion and support construction, which will be led by the Halmar International/Railworks Joint Venture (JV).

Penn Station Access will provide direct Metro-North service between the BronxWestchester and Connecticut to Penn Station on Manhattan’s west side. The project includes the design of four new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible stations in the Bronx, 19 miles of new and rehabilitated track, four bridge rehabilitations and the modernization of signal, power and communication infrastructure. Jacobs will develop a digital model that will allow for the visualization of the complex interfaces between the different facets of the project, enhancing coordination and constructability, as well as communication with the myriad of stakeholders.

Penn Station Access will use existing infrastructure along Amtrak’s Hellgate Line and improve regional connections at Penn Station to the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. This project will strengthen the regional rail system, bridge communities and provide new commuting options for Bronx residents who are currently underserved by public transportation.

The project is expected to be completed in 2027.

-via Press Release


This article was posted on: March 8, 2022