CSX Donates $1 Million to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for New Train Station

CSX Corp., one of Jacksonville’s largest employers, today announced a donation of $1 million to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens as part of REZOOVENATION: The Campaign to Inspire. The donation will support the construction of a new CSX Bicentennial Train Station, symbolizing a commitment to the community and coinciding with the founding anniversary of the railroad.

“Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens brings so much life and culture to our local community. We are looking forward to helping them create a lasting legacy in our hometown,” said Joe Hinrichs, president and CEO at CSX. “As we begin to plan celebrations for our own 200th anniversary in 2027, this donation represents our ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and environmentally conscious community. The new train station will not only enhance the visitor experience but also create a lasting connection between our company and the wonderful residents of Jacksonville.”

This gift reflects CSX’s longstanding commitment to invest in and serve the community it proudly calls home. Service is a guiding principle for CSX, as evidenced through the company’s commitment to customers, current and future employees, and the communities across its network. Supporting the economic and cultural flourishing of Jacksonville is a natural extension of this mission. Earlier this year, CSX committed a landmark $10 million contribution to the University of Florida to support the future graduate center, which is poised to redefine the landscape of downtown Jacksonville.

“We are delighted to receive this extraordinary donation from CSX,” said Nikki Smith, Chief Philanthropy and Community Engagement Officer at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. “The CSX Bicentennial Train Station will serve as a symbol of our shared commitment to the community and a cornerstone of our REZOOVENATION campaign, aimed at significantly enhancing our facilities and visitor experience. It will make the Zoo more accessible to families and visitors from across the region, enriching the experience and allowing us to share our mission of wildlife conservation and education with an even broader audience.”

The opening of the CSX Bicentennial Train Station is slated for fall 2025. CSX and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens look forward to celebrating this partnership as they work together to bring the innovative, new train station to life.

-via Press Release

This article was posted on: November 8, 2023