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The Past

Stored NJT GG1's A long line of NJ Transit GG1 electrics sit forlornly in storage at Conrail's "PORT" in Newark, NJ in the early 1980's. Photo by Jeffrey A. Lubchansky
SJ Groves and Sons SJ Groves and Sons, a construction firm, utilized a temporary railroad in the construction of Route 280 in New Jersey. Seen at the top of the grade in West Orange are an RS2 and new U33C 502 with a train of sidedump cars. Photo by Al Holleuffer
Lehigh and Hudson River Alcos Three L&HR C420 diesels are serviced at the railroad's Warwick, NY facility in the late 1960's. Photo by Jay Mikesh
Pennsy K4s 612 Pennsylvania Railroad K4s 4-6-2 612 makes a stop at Huntingdon, PA on February 4, 1950 while on an eastbound run. Photo collection of Patrick James Rieger
NYS&W old Alcos Susquehanna RS1's 236 and 230 quietly rust away at Little Ferry, NJ in 1982, being cannibalized for parts to keep the rest of the diminishing Alco fleet running. Photo by Tom Hodupski
Erie Lackawanna power Erie Lackawanna SDP45 3639 and two 3600-hp sisters roll past waiting commuter cars with an eastbound at Port Jervis, NY. Photo by Steven Kay
Hoboken Shore Railroad Seldom-photographed waterfront shortline Hoboken Shore Railroad is seen with one of its two 44-tonners, number 701, switching the floatbridge yard in Hoboken, NJ in the early 1970's. Today, few signs of this railroad remain. Photo by Jay Mikesh
NJT E8 at Hoboken Festival Back in the "good old days" when NJ Transit still ran E-units, freshly repainted 4326 sat on display at the Hoboken Festival on October 2, 1982. Photo by Jeffrey A. Lubchansky
D&H Alcos A pair of D&H Alco RS-11 diesels rest between runs at the Wilkes-Barre, PA engine facility. Photo by Al Holleuffer

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