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Genesee & Wyoming Family Update

The Genesee & Wyoming Family Update is a bi-monthly (six to eight times a year) column, and is the place to keep track of news, acquisitions and goings-on of the Genesee & Wyoming-owned railroads. Genesee & Wyoming is becoming an increasingly larger and noticable group of railroads, with a major presence in New York and Pennsylvania. While this column focuses mainly on the Northeastern Region of GWI (including the following railroads: Allegheny & Eastern, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, Dansville & Mt. Morris, Genesee & Wyoming, Pittsburg & Shawmut and Rochester & Southern), news is also gladly accepted on the Western, Southern and Central Region roads (Illinois & Midland, Louisiana & Delta, Portland & Western and Willamette & Pacific). In addition, the column covers news reports on former GWI properties; for example, the dispositions on formerly owned lines/locomotives.

The column covers detailed reports on GWI locomotives, including major shop work (including repaints and ditch light additions), locomotive assignments and off-railroad leases, rare or unusual locomotive consists and more. Attention is also given to operations changes, accidents, special events, unusual occurrences, purchases, etc. I list the locomotive assignments so you can keep track of the roster or a specific locomotive.

I strive for detail and correctness, so remember those guidelines when submitting information. If you are unsure as to the quality or newsworthiness of information, the best route to take is to send it in regardless. In many cases, I can shed light on the subject or determine its value to our readers.

Also, if you're a GWI modeler, drop me a line, I'm listening! Any ideas or suggestions you may have for specific topics I can cover in upcoming issues, let me know, the info may be of interest to readers as well. Remember: this is your column as well as mine! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike Zollitsch (BPRR2000@aol.com)

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